Modifying the van for Ben to drive

Ben’s multivan finally went in for its 3 to 4 month driver modification process on Monday 14th May.  A lot more engineering work to come prior to the installation of the imported space drive technology.

Ben  will be required to visit PME within the next 4 weeks so that the modifiers can custom fit his power wheelchair to the control system positioning.

Once the mods are complete, Ben will undergo extensive training to master this leading edge technology, under the strict guidance of a driver occupational therapist.  Unfortunately we were unable to secure funding for this to date, estimated at $18,000.

In the meantime, Ben has been carefully monitoring the risks to his health with being out in the colder weather. In commuting to and from work in winter, finding a reliable Maxi taxi service especially mid-afternoons and for shorter distances has proven to be a significant challenge in the past.

Exposure to the elements have dangerous ramifications to many with Ben’s type of spinal injury and Ben is no exception.  Incidents in the past have resulted in Ben being hospitalised due to rapid increase in blood pressure and other symptoms resulting from taxi no-shows.

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