Wheels for Ben

The process of trialling / researching vehicles that complied with Ben’s ongoing needs commenced some time ago. Choosing a suitable vehicle has been complex but ultimately Ben’s decision. Considerations including size, engine capacity, safety, comfort /suspension, ability to future modify for Ben to drive, passenger and luggage capacity, height restrictions, etc have meant that this process was going to take some time.

However an order for a VW mulit-van was placed in May, with estimated delivery scheduled between October and November 2014.

On arrival from VW in Germany, it will be extensively modified for transporting Ben but have the flexibility to be subsequently modified at some future date for Ben to drive independently, at an  additional cost.  The engineering organisation selected, Capital Special Vehicles, is located in Dandenong, Victoria and is one of the leaders in its field.

We were all surprised to learn that the cost of the modifications will exceed the cost of the vehicle itself.

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